Top Posts in 2013

MP900382656[1]I find it interesting to look back over the year’s blog statistics. What resonates with readers (and what doesn’t) often surprises me and always teaches me something:

  • Interviews and book giveaways are very popular
  • The number of comments often doesn’t correlate with a post’s number of views
  • Using a widely Googled term will draw in many readers who normally wouldn’t visit my site

Nothing new or earth-shattering, but perhaps a reinforcement of what I already knew. Now to apply what I’ve learned…

Top 10 Posts in 2013

  1. Novel Anticipation – January 2013
  2. Getting to Know Becky Wade
  3. When Love Calls and More!
  4. Getting to Know Screenplay Author & Movie Producer, Scott Peterson
  5. Talking with Rose Ross Zediker
  6. Talking with Gina Holmes
  7. Meeting the Cast from Miss Saigon
  8. Snoopy Dancing – (This is a post from 2012 that’s still popular because of the oft-Googled phrase Snoopy Dancing.)
  9. Coaster Crazy Kids – (Another post from 2012. The post’s popularity stems from all the roller coaster fanatics out there.)
  10. Introducing Jill Urbach